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  • Workshops, Tutorials and the Doctoral Programme (Organiser: Osman Hasan)

    Workshop Proposals

    Proposals for workshops to be held at CICM 2018 are solicited. Both well-established workshops and newer or brand new ones are encouraged.

    Some of the workshops that have been held at past CICM meetings are:

    • Automated Reasoning: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice
    • Compact Computer Algebra
    • Empirically Successful Automated Reasoning for Mathematics
    • Formal Mathematics for Mathematicians
    • Intelligent Proof Search
    • Mathematical user Interfaces
    • Mathematics Information Retrieval
    • OpenMath
    • Pen-Based Mathematical Computation
    • Programming languages for Mechanized Mathematics Systems
    • Proof Engineering
    • SCIEnce
    • The Notion of Proof
    • User Interfaces for Theorem Provers

    Please provide the following information:

    • Workshop title
    • Names and affiliations of organizers
    • Brief description of workshop goals and/or topics
    • Proposed workshop duration (half a day up to two days)
    • If the workshop has met previously, the recent conference affiliations

    Tutorial Proposals

    Tutorial topics should have a direct relevance to any topic in the scope of CICM. Tutorials may be focus on theoretical methods or practical systems. We especially welcome tutorials with a hands-on component.

    Please provide the following information:

    • Tutorial title
    • Names and affiliations of organizers
    • Brief description of tutorial’s goals and/or topics
    • Tutorial duration (half or up to two days)
    • Relationship to previous tutorials (if any).

    CICM will take care of copying and distributing informal printed proceedings for workshops/tutorials (if the organizers wish that) as well as permanently archiving open access online proceedings with Workshop and Tutorial proposals should be sent via email to

    Important Dates

    The Workshop and Tutorial proposals can be submitted until February 23, 2018 and would reviewed on a rolling basis.

    Doctoral Program

    CICM is an excellent opportunity for graduate students to meet established researchers from the areas of computer algebra, automated deduction, and mathematical publishing.

    The Doctoral Programme provides a dedicated forum for PhD students to present and discuss their ideas, ongoing or planned research, and achieved results in an open atmosphere. It will consist of presentations by the PhD students to get constructive feedback, advice, and suggestions from the research advisory board, researchers, and other PhD students. Each PhD student will be assigned to an experienced researcher from the research advisory board who will act as a mentor and who will provide detailed feedback and advice on their intended and ongoing research.


    Students at any stage of their PhD can apply and should submit the following documents to the DP chair.

    • A two-page abstract of your thesis describing your research questions, research plans, completed and remaining research, evaluation plans and publication plans;
    • A two-page CV that includes background information (name, university, supervisor), education (degree sought, year/status of degree, previous degrees), employments, relevant research experience (publications, presentations, attended conferences or workshops, etc.)

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