DML panel 2013


There are continuation efforts ongoing with the dream of WDML in mind: EuDML has finished its initial phase, so as the preparatory project granted by Sloan foundation, and there are other DML projects maturing (RusDML, Euclid, CEDRAM/NUMDAM, etc.) Views how to proceed differ. Some decisions were discussed at DML panel last year. It is time now to stop for a while, and ask for feedback from the community.


  1. aa) Have running projects as EuDML, Euclid or preparatory WDML (Sloan) met community expectations?
  2. ab) What are their pros and cons?
  3. ac) Which services are good and which are lacking?
  4. ba) How DMLs relate to established services as MR and ZMath?
  5. bb) Do they complement their service?
  6. bc) What are the prospects of their future interactions?
  7. c) What is the current view of WDML services and how should sustainability and curation be secured by the community, if any?


Thierry Bouche (EuDML, CEDRAM, NUMDAM,...)

Patrick Ion (Mathematical Reviews)

Wolfram Sperber (Zentralblatt Math)