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  • Upcoming Meetings

    • CICM-11 will be in 2018 at RISC in Hagenberg (Linz, Austria) chaired by Florian Rabe and organized by Wolfgang Windsteiger.
    • CICM-12 will be in 2019 at Mälardalen University (Västerås, Sweden) organized by Lars Hellström.

    Past Meetings

    • CICM-10 was in Edinburgh from July 17-21st 2017 chaired by Herman Geuvers and organized by Jacques Fleuriot
    • CICM-9 was from July 25-29, 2016 in Bialystok chaired by Michael Kohlhase and organized by Adam Naumowicz
    • CICM-8 in Washington DC, USA, July 13. - 17. 2015; chaired by Manfred Kerber and organized by Bruce Miller and Abdou Youssef
    • CICM-7 in Coimbra, Portugal, July 7. - 11. 2014; chaired by Stephen Watt and organized by Pedro Quaresma Almeida.
    • CICM-6 in Bath, UK, 8. - 12. July 2013; chaired by Jacques Carette and organized by James Davenport.
    • CICM-5 in Bremen, Germany, 8.-13. July 2012; chaired by Johann Jeuring and organized by Serge Autexier and Michael Kohlhase
    • CICM-4, in Bertinoro, Italy, 18. - 23. July 2011; chaired by James Davenport and organized by Andrea Asperti
    • CICM-3 in Paris, France, 5. - 10 July 2010; organized by Renaud Rioboo and Laurence Rideau
    • CICM-2, in Grand Bend, Canada, 5. - 12. July 2009; chaired and organized by Stephen Watt
    • CICM-1 in Birmingham, UK, 26. July - 2. Aug. 2008; organized by Volker Sorge
    • The RISC Summer in Linz, Austria (2007) was not called CICM, but had the same participating conferences.
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